About Trucker Social

Built by a Trucking Veteran who Understands the Trucking Industry!


What is Trucker Social?

Trucker Social is more than just a company; it is a driving force behind the trucking industry. With our innovative Trucker Social App and a range of solutions, we cater to the diverse needs of everyone in the trucking ecosystem. From top-notch recruiting services to cutting-edge marketing strategies, we are here to support and uplift the entire trucking community.

Our Mission
Drive the Culture Forward Through Community and Innovation!

Our Values
  • Serving our Community with Conviction
  • Pursuing Change Through Innovation
  • Cultivating Learning Through Collaboration
  • Standing for Diversity and Inclusion for All

What are the benefits of the Trucker Social App?

The Trucker Social app advances careers, connects recruiters with the right candidates, connects buyers with sellers, encourage learning, share stories, and make deeper connections.

Our app empowers the entire trucking community, catering to brokers, dispatchers, warehouse workers, and anyone interested in the trucking industry. The Trucker Social App is easily accessible through app stores on both iOS and Android devices. 

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What are the benefits of Trucker Social Marketing and Recruiting Solutions?

As a seller, recruiter, or advertiser, know that Trucker Social will help you reach your business objectives.

Our Advantage is the Trucker Social App that keeps truckers, brokers, dispatchers, and others connecting daily across our platform. In addition, we utilize the latest digital marketing strategies to provide you with a greater return on your investment.

With Trucker Social:
  • Be confident, knowing you will find the right candidate through a multi-channel platform that simplifies recruitment.
  • Know that your advertising dollars are spent to reach your target audience through our Trucker Social App and other marketing channels.
  • Sell your goods and services faster with targeted advertisements to a market of members looking to purchase trucks, parts, equipment, and services.

Where did the idea for Trucker Social come from?  

Trucker Social was founded in 2022 by an industry veteran, Arthur "Big Art" Chaplin. He recognized there needed to be more cohesiveness within the trucking community. He wanted a platform to bridge that gap and foster an environment that breeds creativity, connection, and growth, leading to Trucker Social's conception.  


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